"Masakit, pero kinakaya."

2:46 am

Ay, oo nga pala. Wala na nga pala tayo. Sorry, nasanay kasi ako na nanjan ka. Yung tipong pagbukas ko ng phone ko, kay text ka kaagad. Nakakapanibago.

1:04 am

I’m trying to be strong but I just can’t contain this anymore. I hate myself for unknown reasons. I want to be fixed but I don’t see any hope for that to happen. I want to be saved and yet no one cares for me. I’m living a miserable life. I am worthless.

12:41 pm

I still care about you. I just can’t help it.

2:23 am

Nakakapagod din palang lumaban kapag alam mong talo ka. Yung nilalabanan mo yung sarili mo na baka nga hindi mo talaga kaya pero yan pinipilit mo parin na kaya mo. Umiiyak ka dahil hindi mo alam kung bakit ang sakit sakit ng nararamdaman mo. Hindi mo alam kung anong problema, kung anong meron, kung bakit ka nasasaktan. Ang hirap pala. Yung wala ka nalang magawa kundi umiyak at tanggapin na hindi ka naman kasi talaga okay. Hindi ka naging okay, at hindi ka magiging okay.

You are always in my 2 am thoughts. A part of me will always be longing for your love. 

"Isn’t it funny when we love someone so much
and then things didn’t work out so,
in the end you just broke up.
And then one day you’ll see him or her
somewhere and you won’t even look at each other’s eyes;
suddenly, you are strangers.
But that person knows you and all of your secrets,
fears, strengths and that person knows exactly
how you look every morning and then suddenly,
you became strangers.
Just like that."
whispers from Anonymous
Hello Ate Liam! :) Mas lalo ka bang gumaling sa english dahil sa course mo? Missyou!

Omg sino to. Hahaha. Sorry guys, i’ve been inactive for the past few months, hmm, i think, no. Haha. Nagbabasa lang ako ng nagbabasa at nanonood ng engl movies palagi :-)

Fuck love

What’s worst about falling in love is the fact that you need to bear all the heartaches because you don’t want to lose the person of your dreams. You just have to keep all your pains and make a smile out of it to show that you’re okay tho your heart is already broken to pieces without no one to pick it up for you and make it whole again. Another worst part is when you want that person to know what you feel but you end up ‘yea, it’s just okay, i love you and that’s what matters most’ but at the end of the day, your pillow will be your crying den, telling yourself how awful your love life is and how stupid you are. You keep on blaming yourself but you still keep on trying and believing that everything’s going to be ok. Well I guess this is what you get for loving too much, happiness at first, but eventually you’ll just cry and tear yourself apart.